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Dr. Rachel B. Aarons LCSW

Dr. Rachel B. Aarons LCSW

ANNOUNCING: About Pain is available as an audiobook!

Narrated by the author, Dr. Rachel Aarons, with the help of Deborah Allen, Christine Orpen, Thomas Robinson and Jonathan Young.

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Just hearing Rachel's voice makes you feel better. It's like hanging out with someone who cares. -D.N.

Rachel's voice is easy to listen to and the pacing matches the intensity of the words... There is a clarity and authenticity of someone who knows what they are talking about. -A.E.

Hearing the words spoken rather than reading them on paper makes the message come alive. -L.C.

 Presentation for Grand Rounds at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital 2/10/16

Bringing the Subject of Pain Out of the Shadows​

About Pain: For Those Who Suffer and  Their Caregivers

New Book on Pain

Pain is a subject we avoid. We find it uncomfortable and difficult to talk about. This silence is to the detriment of both those who are in pain and those who care for them. In this book, Dr. Rachel Aarons brings the subject of pain out of the shadows. She explores it from all angles.

In Part One, you will find an in-depth depiction of how being in severe pain alters the person you are and the world you live in. In this detailed phenomenology of the pain experience, Dr. Aarons gives voice to what has been muffled in silence. She is joined by a medley of voices of pain patients with a range of challenging medical issues. They each share their personal experiences of pain and the hard-won messages they are moved to convey about them. 

​Part Two may be seen as a wake-up call from the perspective of the patient directed to those caregivers - including doctors and nurses - who provide medical care to people in pain. It is offered for the purpose of enhancing their understanding and effectiveness in areas of caregiving that relate not to textbook knowledge but to the personal experience of the patient.

In the crescendo of Part Three, Dr. Aarons tackles the question of how to live with, reduce, relieve, and even rise above pain. She reviews and evaluates a variety of specific pain management approaches for their usefulness and transformative power.

About Pain promises to deepen and expand both your empathy and your understanding of pain. From a professional and at the same time personal perspective, Dr. Aarons sheds a starkly honest light on a taboo subject that inevitably affects every one of us.