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Dr. Rachel B. Aarons LCSW

Dr. Rachel B. Aarons LCSW

With my guidance, you can learn to use hypnosis to help yourself in the comfort of your own home.​

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Do you have any of the following:

Stress or Tension?

Hypnosis can help you relax. You can learn how to go into a calm state of peace and serenity even when circumstances seem challenging, difficult, or overwhelming.

Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep?

Hypnosis can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. You will go to a deeper level of restorative sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Acute or chronic pain?

Hypnosis can reduce the level of your pain so that it becomes manageable, eliminating the need for pain medication or reducing the amount you need. It may also give you information about the sources and emotional significance of your pain.

Anxiety or panic attacks? Fears or phobias?

Hypnosis can reduce your fears.  If there are particular situations that are anxiety-creating or phobic for you, you can learn to experience them with calm and confidence. It can stop panic attacks and obsessive thinking. If the fears are rooted in some past traumatic experience, it can resolve the trauma and set you free of the negative impact of the past.

Compulsive Behaviors?

If you want to stop compulsive and addictive behavior, hypnosis can help.  Whether it be quitting smoking, losing weight, stopping excessive drinking or drug use, internet addiction, sex addiction or gambling, hypnosis works with the deepest levels of the mind to promote change at the source. 

Negative Beliefs about Yourself or Others?

Many of the beliefs we have carried forward from the past have become obsolete or  self-destructive. Using hypnosis, we can reprogram negative beliefs and replace them with ones that will enhance your quality of life. If you want to feel better about yourself, hypnosis can help you create a positive self-image that will relieve depression and instill self-confidence.  

For all of the above, as well as many other problems rooted in our minds, hypnotherapy is a highly effective way of achieving deep lasting change for a healthier, happier you.

Client comments:

"I feel that the therapy plus the hypnosis really catalyzed each other to compound such a profound change deep within me. I really do feel different."

"When we first talked about hypnosis, I was more scared than skeptical  My vision of being under hypnosis was one I learned through the media and 'magic' shows.  I went into the process thinking "there's no way this is going to work on me."  Amazingly, I was able to be hypnotized and my experience was incredible and so enlightening. Dr. Aarons' philosophy, disposition and professionalism has made me look at therapy and specifically hypnotherapy in a completely new and positive light."  EH

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Clearing Up Myths and Misconceptions About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy utilizes relaxation and imagination to work with the unconscious mind. It is radically different from stage hypnosis or what you may have seen portrayed in movies or on TV. 

* Hypnotherapy is not a means of controlling your mind. It actually helps you to increase your control            over your own mind.
* You will not be asked to do anything embarrassing or humiliating as happens in stage hypnosis. You will    only cooperate when it feels comfortable and right for you.
* You will be aware of what is happening in the hypnosis session itself.
* You will remember what has happened in the session afterward.
* Anyone can utilize this method. You just need an active imagination to make it work.

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Hypnosis is a Powerful Tool for Change

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