Dr. Rachel B. Aarons LCSW

Dr. Rachel B. Aarons LCSW

Therapy at Lightning Speed: Book Reviews

Therapy at Lightening Speed provides the reader a unique opportunity to view what transpires during EMDR sessions in real life case descriptions. What I found especially helpful is that the cases were presented in complete detail in a dialogue format between Dr. Aarons and her patients. Each case focuses on a different type of presenting issue providing the reader an opportunity to see how EMDR can be used for a variety of problems. The book also offers a very helpful review of the process of EMDR with a clear and specific treatment structure. During the processing sessions it is evident that her clinical training also comes into play in the way that she helps move the processing along. The cases she chose were not easy ones and I liked seeing the challenges emerge in the treatment room. Reading the book feels like watching a documentary film of live therapy sessions. I enjoyed it tremendously.

Deborah Allen, LCSW, EMDR Therapist

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of the therapy room? As someone who has had very little experience in therapy, and with some issues that needed working on, I was curious to how therapy can help, and specifically what EMDR is all about.

This book opens those closed doors and gives you a first hand look at how the therapist moves you through stuck patterns, negative thinking, and other issues that you may be struggling with. The real power of this book is that it has transcripts of real life clients, with real issues, many of which you can personally identify with. You watch as the client explains the problem, even highlights the specific events, or traumas in their past that plague them. You then watch as the therapist uses the EMDR method to unravel, rewire and unlock the stuck patterns of negative thinking or destructive behavior that these past traumas and beliefs are causing in their present life. The author adds helpful commentary as sidenotes that explain what is going on with the client and why she will take a certain approach or another, which is especially helpful for those that are not familiar with "therapist speak".

An interesting side benefit of the book is you find yourself excited to read to the end of the chapter to find out how she is going to "heal" the clients problem. It's suspenseful in that way, and makes for a fast and entertaining read. Plus each chapter has great endings, as the work really helps these people. Its kind of like being in the chair with them as they experience their changes. A very unique perspective you would never see in a book on therapy, and it's refreshingly enjoyable and understandable.

This is a great book not just for EMDR professionals but for anyone interested in EMDR and how this method can help you in your life. It's incredible how fast it works and this book contains example after example of how effective it can be. Especially if you have been thinking about doing EMDR, this is a great book to read because it will show you exactly what to expect, and will have you looking forward to experiencing similar results! Highly recommended.

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