Santa Barbara Therapist and Author

Dr. Rachel B. Aarons LCSW

Finally! A Way to Treat Early Childhood Trauma

I am excited to announce a new EMDR-related

methodology that I am offering called

the Early Trauma Protocol. It is based on

Dr. Sandra Paulsen's training entitled 

"When There Are No Words."

What is the Early Trauma Protocol? 

Standard EMDR therapy presupposes the existence

of language and explicit memory.

But what about the time before we have language and pictures held in memory? What about the first three years of life and even earlier - our time in the womb and the birth experience itself?

This early experience devoid of language and explicit memory has been inaccessible to EMDR processing up till now. Yet it has a profound effect on the rest of our lives. 

Think about it...

We don't build a house from the top down. We build it from the foundation up. The early years of our lives are precisely that foundation upon which subsequent development is based.

So it makes sense that a method that can address this foundational experience offers critical information about the formation of our personality and the problems that shape who we are going forward in life.

It is the time when we develop core beliefs about ourselves and our ability to form relationships - for better and for worse.

If you missed out on secure attachment in your infancy - if you have been abused or neglected early on or if you were adopted, this work can get at the root of what is bothering you on both the conscious and unconscious level.

It can help you repair the early negative experiences that set you up for difficulty later on and, in their place, provide you with the positive experiences you deserved but did not receive.

The ET Protocol fills in the gap that has long been needed to bring a new level of peace and contentment to those whose beginnings were less than ideal.

Is the ET Protocol a fit for you?

As a baby and/or a toddler:

1) Were you neglected?

2) Were you physically, sexually or

emotionally abused?

3) Were you adopted? (regardless of how

nurturing your adoptive parents were)?

If you answered yes to any of these 3 questions, the Early Trauma Protocol may be right for you.

To learn more about Early Trauma Protocol, and how it can help, click here to contact me.

Dr. Rachel B. Aarons LCSW